Terms of use for rented vehicles


Users who signed the Contract and all the persons mentioned in the contract must be at least 23 years old.

When signing the contract, the user must submit the following documents:

  • A valid identity card or passport (biometric)
  • A valid driver's license (issued at least 2 years prior to the date of signature of the Treaty)

The minimum rental period is 3 days, in the case where a user is late in returning the car, 1 hour delay is tolerated. If the delay is greater than 1 hour, the user is charged for another day of rental.

If the users want to return a vehicle earlier than agreed, they need to inform INSTAL of the returning time and other relevant details. Earlier returning of the vehicle does not detract from the previously agreed amount of car rental.

Allowed mileage is limited to 150 km per day. Each additional kilometer traveled will be charged. If the car rental is longer than 7 days, allowed mileage is determined by agreement at the signing of the Treaty.



  1. INSTAL Petrovaradin provides a user with a vehicle stated on the Rental Agreement for a determined period of time and under the terms of the contract.
  2. The official published INSTAL price list in force at the date of this Agreement is an integral part of this Agreement.
  3. By signing of the Treaty, the user confirms that the vehicle is taken over in good condition and with a full tank of gasoline, unless otherwise is specified in the Agreement.
  4. The user is obliged to pay the gasoline consumed during the rental. The user is obliged to buy fuel exclusively at gas stations, with the appropriate type of the fuel for the rented car.
  5. The user returns the vehicle on the date specified in the Agreement or earlier at a request of the company INSTAL Petrovaradin.
  6. If the user wants to extend the lease, he/she is required to seek approval from INSTAL minimum of 24 hours in advance, during which an additional deposit is paid.
  7. If a user exceeds the agreed time of renting the vehicle without the prior consent of INSTAL, the vehicle will be considered stolen, upon which INSTAL will contact the police.
  8. If the user notices that the odometer is defective or does not work, it is necessary to immediately stop driving and promptly notify INSTAL. If the odometer or the seals on reading are damaged, the user is required to pay the amount of additional costs for driving 300 kilometers per day of rental.
  9. The user may not sell the vehicle or individual parts of the vehicle or assign the rights under the contract to another person.
  10. The user will not cross the border of Serbia, without the prior consent of the INSTAL Petrovaradin.
  11. The user may not do the following with the vehicle:
    • give it to people who are not listed in the Treaty as vehicle users
    • use it for towing other vehicles
    • use it for sporting competitions and motorsport events
    • use it under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication that affect the ability to drive
    • use for paid transport of goods and passengers
    • load it over the limit specified in the vehicle specification, or use the vehicle until it is overloaded or if it contains more passengers than allowed by law for that vehicle type
    • use it for the transport of explosive or flammable materials, materials with unpleasant odors, or bulky materials that can damage the vehicle
    • use it for the transport of animals
  12. If during the lease the user needs to check roadworthiness of the vehicle, or control or replacement of oil, he/she is obliged to contact INSTAL Petrovaradin, and to maintain the vehicle during the lease in a car service company provided by the lessor. Any damage caused by improper maintenance of vehicles fall under the responsibility of the user.
  13. During the rental, the customer shall bear all costs of garaging, parking, including traffic fines and other costs that are not regular.
  14. The user is responsible for all damage to the vehicle during the term of the lease caused by improper use of the vehicle (off-road use, and the like), regardless of whether if the insurance is paid or not. The cost of towing the damaged vehicle, reducing the value of the loss of income by the vehicle during repairs are also paid by the user. In case of damage to third parties, user will bear all costs INSTAL can have if they are caused by improper use of the vehicle by the user. In the event of damage for which the User is not guilty, the user shall bear 10% of the cost of the damage.
  15. If the vehicle is damaged during the term of the lease and if it is caused by the user or a third party, in the event that the user left false personal data, address or driver's documents when renting the vehicle, the user is responsible for damage to the vehicle. In case of damage to third parties users also bear all costs INSTAL may have on that basis.
  16. The user doesn't bear the cost of mechanical failure of the vehicle if he has taken all necessary measures to make sure such failures do not occur. The user can not exercise or perform any change of parts, assemblies and devices on the vehicle prior to obtaining approval from the company INSTAL.
  17. In the course of the lease until the user uses the vehicle, the user is required to lock the car and activate the alarm or security system (if the vehicle has them) and bring keys with themselves. If during the lease the safety system of the vehicle malfunctions, the user is required to notify and report with the vehicle in INSTAL.
  18. After completion of the lease, the customer must return the keys and vehicle documents or bear the costs of compensation for loss of the same.
  19. By signing the Contract the user releases INSTAL of any liability for theft, damage or loss of property which the user transports in the vehicle during the term of the lease and after the return of the rental vehicle. User agrees not to charge INSTAL for theft or loss of property.
  20. INSTAL does not bear any consequences caused by the defect of the vehicle during its use.
  21. The user agrees that all the costs under this rental agreement will be paid in the statutory deadline, or as it is indicated on the invoice.
  22. If the vehicle is fully utilized in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Treaty, the client's responsibility for damage to the vehicle is limited to the amount of the franchises listed in the price list INSTAL. In the event that the user has accepted the payment of the purchase of the franchise under this Agreement the responsibility of the user for damage to the rented vehicle is completely excluded. Franchise does not relieve users of responsibility for cases referred to in paragraphs 13 and 14.
  23. By accepting the conditions of insurance against death and injury (PAI), signed by client's signature on the Treaty on the designated section, the user is entitled to this insurance under the provisions of the Treaty on the personal insurance concluded between the INSTAL and the insurance company, which relieved INSTAL from any participation in paying damage.
  24. The vehicle is insured on the basis of 1) auto-Kasko and 2) auto-responsibility.
  25. The user agrees that, in the event of accidents, protect the interests of INSTAL-but so what:
    • to record the names and addresses of the participants in the incident
    • to call and wait for the traffic police authorities to carry out an official inspection
    • provide a shelter or a vehicle to a safe place before you leave
    • informed INSTAL about the incident and submit a report of the damage
    • If the user fails to take these actions in the event of an accident, he/she will be responsible for all consequences and damages that INSTAL Novi Sad can have because of it.
    • In the case of accepting payments in other currencies, INSTAL determines the exchange rate of the currency accepted.
    • Changes to the terms and conditions of this Agreement are possible only with the written consent of both parties.
    • In case of dispute, the Court in Novi Sad will be jurisdiction.

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